Wearing Qualities: Abrasive or wear resistance can vary according to your needs. Durability from that of soft marble.


MAPLETTE is a highly developed Magnesium Oxychloride floor of outstanding quality, formulated especially for heavy industrial application.

Magnesium Oxychloride compositions are composed of Caustic Calcined Magnesite, fillers (Talc. or Woodflour) and fine aggregates (Silica or inert minerals). The variability of the proportions of Magnestite used in relation to the kind and respective amounts of fillers and aggregates (all gauged with a solution of Magnesium Chloride) makes possible compositions specifically adaptable to a wide range of service conditions. The non-slip finish and durability of MAPLETTE has been obtained by the incorporation of Maple sawdust into the wearing surface of the floor.


MAPLETTE has been successfully installed in printing works, bakeries, motor assembly plants, warehouses, shoe factories, schools, offices, industrial organisations, public buildings, cinemas, loading-bays, staircases, steel decks such as ships, etc.
MAPLETTE is the finest floor available for use in factories; MAPLETTE will withstand the hardest wear from the heaviest traffic.

Maplette is an enviromental friendly product


Datasheet :

  Chemical Description: Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate
  Chemical Formula: MgCl 2 x 6 H 2 O
  Mineral Name: Bischofite
  Appearance: White flakes, Crystals

Floormag® M100

  Datasheet :
  Colour : beige to light brown    
  Particle Size : maximum 5% residue on sieve    
  Density : bulk density (EN 459 2) ca. 800 g / l  
    density after tamping (ISO 787 11) ca. 1,08 g / ml  
  Compression strength (peen 14016): after 3 days > 55 N / mm ²  
    after 28 days > 75 N / mm ²  

Wearing Qualities MAPLETTE floors can vary their abrasive or wear resistance from that of soft marble to durability greater than any domestic granite.

Structural Strengths MAPLETTE floors have a high structural strength with transverse strengths estimated at approximately 1000 kg per 25 mm ² and compression at about 2700 kg per 25 mm ² . MAPLETTE will strengthen the deflection of a wooden floor four times.

Thickness MAPLETTE is laid in situ in two layers. The first or prime layer, an average of 13 mm thick, serves to level the concrete sub-floors (NO SCREED IS REQUIRED) and the wearing surface is normally laid 10 mm thick. (These measurements may be adjusted to suit individual requirements.)

Expansion and Contraction MAPLETTE floors have low co-efficients of expansion. MAPLETTE has ample strength to withstand created within a full range of normal building temperature and all degrees of low and high humidities.

Short Curing Time MAPLETTE floors set rapidly and may be subjected to normal traffic 24 hours after installations. No damp curing is required.

Resistance to Oils MAPLETTE floors are highly resistant to the action of Mineral, Animal and Vegetable oils and grease over a long period of time (in fact, most oils have a beneficial effect).

Thermal and Acoustic Properties MAPLETTE floors are low in heat and sound transference.

Texture MAPLETTE has a non-slip surface, and it is not marked by traffic. MAPLETTE is particularly resistant to indentation.

Resilience MAPLETTE floors are resilient, and provide a surface comfortable to the tread.

Resistance to Static Electricity MAPLETTE floors may be specially prepared to prevent sparking due to mechanical impact of the accumulation of static electricity, and in this are ideal for use in ammunition and chemical plants, petrol refineries, hospitals, etc.

Fire Resistance MAPLETTE is fireproof.

Hygiene MAPLETTE floors are hygienic and easy to clean. The smooth jointless surface lends itself to easy maintenance. The composition of MAPLETTE is in itself mildly antiseptic. MAPLETTE floors inhibit bacteria and fungus, and are impervious to vermin.

Resistance to Water MAPLETTE floors will withstand flooding for up to 48 hours.

Patching MAPLETTE will not break away or crumble at patching joints.

Skirting Covered skirting can be incorporated into the floor if required.

MAPLETTE provides not only one of the most satisfactory and durable floor finishes for practical use, but also one of the most pleasing in appearance.



Short curing time: Rapid setting, no damp curing is required. Subject to normal traffic 24 hours after installation.

Resistance to oil: Highly resistant to the action of petroleum products, mineral, animal and vegetable oils and grease (in fact most oils have a beneficial effect). Resistant to most chemicals.


Thermal properties: Because it is a natural wood product, the floor is warm and comfortable.


Acoustics: Very low in sound transference, excellent acoustic properties for libraries, halls and on top of suspended wooden floors.


Resilience: Leveling layer of flooring absorbs surface shock, making the floor extremely pleasant to work on. No rubber mats or duck boarding needed.


Anti-static, anti-spark and non conductive: Floors may be specially prepared to prevent sparking due to mechanical impact. Ideal for ammunition and chemical plants, petrol refineries and hospitals. SABS report available.


Fire resistance: Maplette is fireproof. Fire index Class 1. Ideal for application on wooden floors. Full SABS report available.


Hygiene: The smooth jointless surface lends itself to easy maintenance. The composition is in itself mildly antiseptic, inhibiting bacteria and fungus. Impervious to vermin.


Resistance to water: Will withstand flooding up to 48 hours. However, should not be used in a liquid drip situation, or continuously wet areas.


Patching: If underground cable or pipe laying is necessary, Maplette Flooring can be cut out and patched.


Skirting: Covered skirting can be incorporated into the floor if required.


Dustlessness: Maplette exudes no dust at all, as in the case with cement flooring. Ideal for sensitive machinery (for example, printing and textiles).


Jointless: Flooring is laid in a complete piece, and jointless, making it easy to move heavy equipment about.

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